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12/5/2007 Survey Tag 0440 Detail for:
Tuesday, May 26, 2020 1:24 AM

Survey Date: 12/5/2007

Regulation Number:0440


Regulation Description: The facility must provide dialysis services as well as adequate laboratory, social, and dietetic services to meet the needs of the ESRD patient.

Surveyor Findings:

Based on the number and nature of standard level deficiencies referenced to the condition, the facility failed to provide adequate social and dietetic services. This failure had the potential to impact all patients served by the facility.

Failure of the facility to ensure individualized social and dietetic interventions were formulated and maintained resulted in inappropriate and ineffective rendering of patient care. The findings were:

1. Cross Reference to V446: Social Worker Qualified - The facility failed to employ a State of Colorado licensed social worker to perform the duties of social services.

2. Cross Reference to V447: Social Worker Responsibilities - The facility failed to provide adequate social services which created the potential for the psychosocial needs of the patients to go unmet.

3. Cross Reference to V449: Registered Dietitian Responsibilities - The facility failed to provide adequate dietetic services which created the potential for nutritional and dietetic needs to go unmet.

Facility Plan of Correction:

1. tag deleted per regualtory agency.

2. Re-established contractual agreement with Renal Social Worker on 11/07. She is reviewing patients psychosocial needs.

3. Reference V150 personnal records, new dietician hired 12/27/07. She is reviewing patients nutritional and dietetic needs.

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